Hull shape with narrower waist is a kind of "Eight", as is traditional for the Russian seven-string guitar late XIX-early XX centuries, that most people, even far from the guitar, steadily and deservedly associates it with the seven-string guitar.

      This model has great potential and a wide scope for creativity. You can experiment with the species of wood, design, because such instruments were often very richly decorated with mother of pearl inlay and decorated with wooden mosaic.

      Of course, such experiments should be made with great artistic taste and designed in accordance with the traditions of Russian guitar building.

      Guitar of the model can be implemented with a wide neck for synthetic string, and a narrower neck for the metal strings.


Most vintage and traditional of my guitar models. It's my favorite for represending the roots origins and traditions of national guitar building.Of course, the scheme of traditional springs, transverse, and neck - adjustable screw.In the development of this retro model, I did not have to invent anything again. These guitars, thank God, there is still yet a lot.So that was enough to choose the best and stylish design patterns outlet edging, "asterisk" at the bottom of the case - — and as a result we see Russian sevenstring such as it was a century ago...

 Alexander Shishkin

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