This model is named "Classical" for the shape of it's body that appropriates form of the classical guitar of the first half of the twentieth century. Also, this tool has a purely "classical" mission — the guitar is for only a synthetic strings, fingerboard initially wide (53.5 mm at the nut and 72 mm between the outer strings on a stand).The stand by the way is through, that is characteristic of the classics.

     Depth of a body is less than the Spanish classics has, while the lower deck is very convex. Such parameters housing in combination with a transverse spring attached to this circuit model, and even loud authentic seven-string sound.

      This guitar has bestest sound and look with the body of wavy maple. This model was developed for the seven-string version.

To balance the external rigor of this model I used my favorite design elements. First of all, the design of the neck: Rectangular cuts under mechanics, authentic neck heel (which not only looks very stylish but also very comfortable for left-handed guitarist), gluing the headstock on the triangular spike, which can be emphasized using a color contrasting wood — all these are combined with a strict pattern outlet, and makes this model unique and stylish guitar.

Alexander Shishkin



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