This author's model developed by me and based on European folk guitars from 20-30's of the twentieth century. This look's just like a guitar from that era. Hull shape and design of its ornaments, transverse springs and unique headstock — all takes us back to the pre-war time.

       Due to the small width of the body this guitar optimally sounds with metal strings.Also available as a six and a seven string version.

       So the choice of this type of body, for a guitar with metal strings, is optimal.


In general, I love folk. And I'm really sorry, that now it's not the most popular version of the acoustic guitar. After all, there is no tangible benefits for most guitarists who prefer's big (in my opinion too big) body westerns. Huge uncomfortable dreadnought will not show up in the cramped city apartment, carry it with you is not the greatest pleasure. Compact folk in any case much more comfortable and elegant.

Alexander Shishkin


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